White Flag

You see, there’s something incredibly beautiful about losing control —
sometimes that surrender brings peace.

And it’s not just anyone that could take your power away. It takes an incredible amount of trust to let go. For the right person, it will make you feel empowered, not debased, degraded, and worthless.

© Sarah Doughty


13 thoughts on “White Flag”

  1. You asked a good question, Walt! It could be interpreted either way, but I see it as more of the latter as well. For that level of trust to be established, and for one to relinquish power, the other must also be willing to be vulnerable, too. That trust needs to go both ways.


  2. I really should let you write for me. The flip side of White Flag, from The Hot Girl pt. 3 as performed by a feminist shred band…

    If today is the day, yeah
    Well I’ll take it in stride
    Once you set my heart on fire
    But now I’m boiling inside
    I’ve heard all your reasons
    Your excuses, your lies
    Every time I see you
    Another part of me dies
    The way that you treat me
    It’s a cryin’ damn shame
    You know and I know
    You’ve run out of game
    There’s no way for you to love me now,
    No, no you can’t kiss it all away
    And you think you’re gonna slap me around
    ‘Cause you got nothin’ else to say?

    Weh – ell I say
    You can knock me down
    You can kick me while I’m there
    You can slap my face,
    OW! Pull on my hair
    But I’ll stand back up, you’ll see
    ‘Cause mister…(mister…mister…)
    No man will ever get a white flag outta me.

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