13 thoughts on “Halves”

  1. Wow
    I just popped in to see who so kindly liked my little poem and I adore this!
    It’s so poignant and hit me right in my little heart.
    Thank you for reading and liking my poem

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  2. You always have a way of putting the most complicated emotions into words so seemingly easily. And you don’t need many words to do so.

    I always write in my pieces about my toxic relationship with my father. While I was terrified of even being near him, he is still biologically half of what I am. So being without him naturally feels odd to me, and almost crippling. There’s always something missing in my heart.

    Thanks for sharing. How lovely.

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    1. As much as I hate to admit it, I feel that same way. My father was every bit my worst nightmare, and after he died, I grieved for the childhood I never had. Those incredibly rare moments when he was sober and genuine, he was able to tell me things like I could be and do anything I wanted. Granted, those moments were so few and far between that I doubted his honesty the second he said them. But still, his blood runs in my veins.

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      1. Yes-

        I’m sorry to hear about what happened with your father. And I also sometimes wonder whether or not what my father told me growing up was genuine. If he was trying to feed me the wrong information, or if his intentions and words were sincerely from the heart.

        Of course, I also feel like I’ve missed a large part of my life due to his emotional absence. Many things happened between my father and my family, including myself, and there were times his words and actions downright terrified me. Even so, I can’t deny he’s my father on paper and that I was born to him. Even if his presence did more harm than good.

        But he also taught me a lot from being around him, while this was unintentional since I don’t think he ever wanted to contribute anything to my life. I was able to recognize my feelings the most in thinking about my father, because those feelings of sadness and absence were so strong.

        Hopefully, from these nightmares, we’re able to find a shed of light.

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