Don’t Presume To Know

People have no business talking about things they don’t know. For those self-proclaimed experts on the matters of depression, keep your thoughts to yourself.

I thought this old piece, Presumptuous, was fitting to share again:

Maybe you
can tell me
what it takes
to survive.
You seem
to have
all the answers

© Sarah Doughty

19 thoughts on “Don’t Presume To Know”

  1. Mental illness is such a personal thing it angers me when I hear people say these things. Some days you can’t even get out of bed. And then you get people telling you to “liven up” or “smile more”. Piss off. If it was that easy it wouldn’t exist

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  2. I completely agree, Sometimes people forget that everyone’s journey has not been like theirs and nor are the going to the same destination, measuring everything with their private scale is beyond foolish!

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    1. Well said, Dermott Hayes. Anyone who has never suffered the whim of The Savage God “Depression” has no right or title to any opinion on the subject. I find that the loudest critics are most fearful of being stricken down themselves. They tend to possess little more than fear and ignorance whilst enduring virtually no true sense of self-worth. I pity them for they know nothing, are nothing and have a bleak, featureless horizon as their future. Ignorance is the only item on the menu at the Fearful Diner. Fear breeds without any help. I once heard an immensely clever (160 IQ) chap say; “Ignorance CAN be educated and mental illness can be treated. But stupidity has no cure and the only hope is birth control and euthanasia.” I prefer Love myself but I understand his sentiment that was patently driven by the frustrations endured by him and many other of my peers.

      This comment is fueled by the life lessons of 60 years living with manic-depression as well as 55 years of self-medicating substance abuse and addiction. Such is the price of admission to the “Comments Club”

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  3. Oh God yes. I’ve been dragging ptsd around with me since I was a child. Just finding a health care professional who has any understanding of depression is like finding a needle in a haystack. Let alone sorting through all the phony pronouncements of fake guru’s and snake oil shills.
    Well said. ❤

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