Maybe Isn’t Enough

I felt like I waited my whole life for you.
So why does it feel like I’ve wasted my time?

Maybe it was just a dream, and I wanted you to fill it. Maybe it was a fantasy, and you fit the description. Or maybe you were supposed to be the one, but somewhere along the way, you were the one that changed.

© Sarah Doughty

34 thoughts on “Maybe Isn’t Enough”

  1. Wow, Sarah, you packed a wallop in so few words. It was quite evocative and written from a point of maturity, as though you were distant enough from it you could review it without bitterness.


  2. Your writing is always beautiful, thoughtful and thought-provoking. This one had particular resonance for me. Glad to hear that you’ve now found the right one. Hopefully I have too.

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  3. Hi Sarah,
    Very lovely poem!
    I found my way here through our mutual friend’s blog “The Feathered Sleep”
    As you probably know she is not doing so well. I’m attempting to help our dear friend Candice during her time of need. When you get the chance please follow this link https://www.facebook.com/donate/1885961145056058/1886080781710761/
    and help her out if able. Candice would never ask anything for herself, as everyone that knows her knows she is a very giving, caring person. That is why I’m doing this on her behalf. Thank you.

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      1. Thank you Sarah for your reply and your kindness. Candice would never ask for help for herself, especially for money, which is why I want to do this on her behalf, she has such a big heart and always tries to help others. Thank you again. ღ

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