Standing Out

To be seen, heard, and felt
is what makes us feel alive.

© Sarah Doughty


19 thoughts on “Standing Out”

  1. I resonate with these words Sarah.. I am coming from a time in my life where I was forgotten… when I really needed (or so i thought i needed) to be remembered. I was at a dark place where if I didn’t pick up something to write with…I dont know if I would have the desire to live…. Writing and having my truth and thoughts read and acknowledged brought me back….

    How did you write my life in two lines?!

    Thank you 🙂

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    1. Oh wow, such an incredible compliment. I feel the same way about writing. It’s like a darkness you can’t escape from and then when you let out the words, it’s like a light turns on. Faint at first, but brighter the longer you write. 😍

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  2. A friend never believed in this. We have different perspectives towards life.

    But to me, I love those words.
    Maybe you’re passing through some stuffs for you to write this. I’m sure, all’s gonna be well.

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