“My life is
the stuff of

I’m trying to look at everything in a positive perspective. Before the memories changed my life forever, I was a different person. I was a part of polite society, I worked, and most of it was normalcy. But then I was flooded with more memories, worse than before, and I couldn’t function the way I was. It might be hell in some ways, but it was the beginning of this journey. And I can’t be upset about that. Because I’m living my dreams.

Β© Sarah Doughty


24 thoughts on “Perspective”

      1. No, not at all negative. To live a comfortable life, in the sense of never going beyond that which pleases and comforts, is not my style. Some of my writing is at the edge: Nobody’s Child, for example.

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    1. I knew I suffered abuse as a child. I’d assumed that the beatings left me unconscious, but I was wrong. After I had my son, the memories started to surface and the picture became clear. The physical and emotional abuse became sexual as well.

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