31 thoughts on “Sorcery

  1. A thin line marked the polluted horizon. He stops dead, he turns full circle and scans an unbroken singularity; three hundred and sixty degrees. His breath heavy and toxic; his face scarred and pale. Bluebottles and rabid flies, rancid swarm around him, scratching. A sense of direction compels and propels him intrinsically toward an intention. To the onlooker, unclear of where that may be; to him, nothing could be clearer than the clarity so clear it reflected nothing. For the brightest light casts the strongest shadow.

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    1. Not necessarily. This can be taken literally or figuratively. During the witch hunt craze of the seventeenth century, many people were wrongly abused of witchcraft and ended up dying in a fire or from illness while waiting execution. Most of these people were widows, servants, anyone that could have a grudge against them from others, and the hysteria grew until the wives of some of the most respected men began to receive accusations. I would think that anyone actually practicing witchcraft those days would have been too smart to get caught. After all, the image of a witch that comes to mind for many people is a strong woman. On the other hand, metaphorically, women have been degraded since the beginning of time, and only recently are women coming close to be seen as equals to men. All throughout history, women have stood against opposition with their heads held high. Would that image not seem pretty close to that of a perceived witch? For women, our ancestors were strong, and so are we, even when we feel like we are anything but. I hope that makes more sense. 😊

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