I miss those
long kisses
we used to
I’d give
to have them
back again.

ยฉ Sarah Doughty


24 thoughts on “Nostalgia”

    1. I miss them. I don’t get them nearly as often as I’d like. Which is odd to say, because I’m married. It’s not his fault, though. My complex PTSD means I can’t just go in for that kiss I want, and I can’t just tell him that I want one, either.

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      1. *big hugs* i don’t wanna say I’m sorry because there’s no fault at hand. It’s something out of your control. But, I wish you were getting them again. This is where I’ll be quiet now because I don’t have the right words.

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      2. It’s okay. It’s one of the harsh realities of living with complex PTSD. There’s a wall so strong, I can’t even reach out to hold his hand. Perhaps it’s an irrational fear of rejection, perhaps not. But it’s a daily struggle.

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    1. Thanks, love. She didn’t mean it as a negative comment. I wrote that line with intention. If the reader takes it literally, the lengths of what one might do to find that spark again could lead to some dark places. When it comes to my poetry, I leave little to chance with how I want people to interpret the meaning. She tends to catch those little nuggets and she’s not afraid to point them out, because most people (with no faults of their own) tend to take my poems at face value and recall in their own lives where those words would apply. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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