Beating Heart

The beats
of my heart
call your name
when I’m with you.

Β© Sarah Doughty


42 thoughts on “Beating Heart”

    1. Aw thanks. I didn’t even make an announcement about it yet. You know how they’re always talking about branding, where you can be recognized across your online presence? Well, it seemed as though my site wasn’t cohesive with the feel on my Instagram. So, hopefully now it does have that cohesion. 😊😊😊😊

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      1. Not sure, I keep trying. I have to log in every time which is tedious and time consuming. I just hope your getting something. My site crashed 2 days ago and I lost 5 days worth of writing and poetry. I hope I did the 5 pages of rewrite close to the original lol

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      2. Aw man, that’s rough. I’m receiving from you on this end. If you went to WordPress org (self-hosting) then odds are, you’re experiencing the same problems I did when I tried it. Let me find a link to a blog post I made about it….


      3. I waited six months, I believe and when I came back, none of my followers were there from the transition. I had to find everyone again and build from scratch. Hopefully moving back and just doing a domain name that routes to your WordPress would suffice. It worked out well for me.


      4. I saw your write up and I was horrified on your behalf. It’s not fun and quite disheartening. I’m hopeful we’ve got the bugs worked out of it now. We’ll see. It’s a learning curve. Thank you for hanging in there cause your a delight. I love your poetry and the depth of wisdom in your soul. Amazing!

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      5. I’m honored to know you. It’s interesting how I’ve met some people online that have been better friends to me than I’ve ever had in person. I’ve been trying to come up with some kind of symbol to represent these kinds of connections. Separate, yet intrinsically connected. Two of my friends came up with one simple solution that seems to fit perfectly. ‘i’. The line is all the connections and I am the dot, separate but a part of it, nonetheless.


      6. Perfect description really. I’ve done the same, met people here that have become real friends, you and a couple others, I know we’de have become fast friends in the real world, not to say this isn’t real, it’s a different take is all.

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