34 thoughts on “Returning”

      1. I’m going to start reading through an old story to hopefully pick it up again, it’s one I always enjoyed writing. And I’ve been trying to journal more, so I think that helps a lot.

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  1. I like this, because I totally know the feeling.

    I’ve been posting on my blog every day for a whole year now. I can usually type up anywhere between 2-5 chapters a night, depending on what’s happening in the story.

    Well. The other night I totally broke my streak. My brain was just like “Pleeeaahhh…” and I just couldn’t think. I tried to write, but what I had written annoyed me too much. I deleted it and said, “Ehhh. I think I’ll just go to bed. 😦 ”

    Fortunately, my brain was up and running again the next day.

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  2. Sarah, I’m glad you remind me of this, I feel much as you do at times, especially when talking to some people who say ‘I never get writers blog’ or ‘writers blog is just laziness’ I feel like saying, tell that to the greats! πŸ˜‰ I am glad your words will always come back they must, they just must.

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    1. Oh yeah, you can feel uninspired or that what you’re writing is sub-par. That’s block. It doesn’t mean we can’t put words down, it just means we aren’t full on inspired. It most definitely exists.


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