when we
need it
the most,
we’re more
than ever.

Take a moment today and reach out to someone you haven’t connected with before or haven’t in a long while. Just dropping a line and saying, “I’m here. I care,” can make a world of difference.

© Sarah Doughty

43 thoughts on “Support”

    1. I think it’s like a lifeline. Or think of it maybe like drowning. Those last few seconds before your inhalation reflex kicks in, you can hold off. It’ll hurt like hell, but those few seconds could be all you need to survive.

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  1. “Just dropping a line and saying, “I’m here. I care,” can make a world of difference.”

    It could totally backfire too, but more often than not, it sincerely helps. Thank you, Sarah. This is a great post!

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  2. Hi Sarah, a great reminder to those of us who do not have a sense of loneliness, and prefer the state of aloneness that others around us need to be reminded that we are here for them, should they need our presence in their life at the moment. (Sorry, haven’t commented lately: too busy up in Fort McMurray on the volunteer caper, and a shaky wi-fi connection!)

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  3. I can relate to this feeling. I feel like this at night especially, when all I need is a hug and someone to chat to and I’m completely alone.
    So important to support one another in this sad, cruel world and to reach out to everyone in need, whether or not we know them.


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