36 thoughts on “Anonymity”

  1. Anonymity is not the coward’s shield. Just as the colour of cowardice is not yellow. Nor white. Etc. . . . The ACT of acting spitefully and anonymously is the act of a coward. I hear what you say it’s just that I and many others regularly act behind the shield of anonymity without cowardice. One could call our anonymous acts acts of courage. This is not criticism but rather a point of context. Thanks for the poem. It should attract better comments than “Yes” and the like. PeterG

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    1. No, actually, I was hoping someone would notice this. I worded this piece the way I did on purpose. You don’t have to be anonymous to be cruel and spiteful. Some people may hide in their anonymity (which is their right to do so), but it doesn’t mean that all anonymous people are the same. It’s like a stereotype you can’t shake. Some people don’t realize there’s a difference.

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      1. In that case, Sarah, well done . . . You’ve opened a door for me and I’m now reading your “13 Reasons” series. I too am a “mental health patient” and believe in confronting the issues head on. Seems like we both feel the same about that. I’ll keep in touch through the comments columns. PeterG

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