If you can show
no shred
of empathy
to someone’s
agony, then
I’m not sure
any humanity
remains within you.

Β© Sarah Doughty

31 thoughts on “Humanity”

  1. I remember hearing something about sociopaths, that the way to tell they are one is they can’t express empathy. Or maybe it’s empathetic yawning more specifically.
    Regardless this is a great piece and so very true… as I’m learned many times.

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      1. They’re an odd breed… both of them. I’m happy to be an eccentric with far too much emotional complexity. The though of faking like a psychopath or not understanding like a sociopath would be horrible. I like being able to feel all the good and bad of life… even if it is mostly bad. It’s fair to say I just don’t understand those who lack humanity. The selfishness confuses me… sure I’m a selfish hermit but that’s born of convenience to escape the inhumanity that surrounds.
        This piece really does throw up so many questions and provokes great conversation.

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