The ghost of you,
floats there,
reminding me
of all that happened.
All we lost.
I’m haunted by
all those mistakes.

© Sarah Doughty

31 thoughts on “Reminders”

  1. As someone who is regularly haunted this is a damn powerful piece. It sends me off quite gently to a place of bitter memory. Not for thr mistakes them self but for the moments where I’ve been haunted bu them and how no matter how long it’s been they’ll never leave me.
    Truly wonderful piece!

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  2. I love how it could be about a literal ghost or just persistent memories. I also like how “All we lost.” stands alone as a separate thought from the sentence above it. It’s like the loss is so heavy it can’t be connected to anything else (if that makes sense).

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    1. Yes, definitely. It would be heavy, so heavy, because if that person is a ghost, or gone, and just a memory, then it would be a heavy thing, wouldn’t it? Like boulders on your shoulders, mocking you and all the future of memories you could have created with this person.

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  3. Just the thought of the ghost and what memories may be floating around along with it sends chills up my spine. There is a depth here that cannot be described. It just simply cannot.

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