This isn’t Keats,
Faust, or Poe.
This isn’t Bukowski,
Hemingway, or Milton.
This is emotion,
heart, and an
overabundance of soul.
This is me. Raw.
Unrefined. Unapologetic.

Β© Sarah Doughty


59 thoughts on “Raw”

  1. Absolutely and it’s awesome!
    And I think being yourself is what makes a great poet! I have given up trying to write like others and I have just called myself an “emotions poet”. There is no poetry without my heart and soul.

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      1. I think there should be a healthy amount of ignorance in writing. Learn the basics, be inspired as you learn but develop your own style.
        If it so happens to take influences that’s fine but trying to replicate what someone has already done isn’t being the truest form of you.
        Be unrefined because when someone else has the privilege to see the rawest you, it’ll be your voice, not an imitation.

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    1. Thank you! It wasn’t meant to be a knock on anyone in particular. I’ve heard the argument that today’s poets should strive to be more like the greats of the past. But I disagree. If we’re all trying to be like them (whichever ones), we aren’t individuals, carving our own way like they did. We are attempting to be carbon copies, nowhere near as good as the original. So, if I’m in the wrong for knowing the old great literary minds, yet not trying to be them, then I’m happy to be wrong. 😊

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