46 thoughts on “Tricky

  1. Read an interesting article on forgiveness recently. It said that maybe people might be able only to forgive partway, like 90% and this might be enough. How sometimes we’ll say: oh just get over it, but maybe this is unfair of us. That the 10% (or whatever) they hold onto is OK because whatever happened might have been pretty hurtful or bad. I had thought of the people I had hurt over the years and the times I have said that very thing and realized if I get 90% from them, then I was really lucky and they are entitled to their 10%. That while forgiveness is for them too, some things may just be too hard to completely let go of…so it made me more compassionate and forgiving too.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. In my case, I was abused over the course of my entire childhood, and as such it marred my entire development. I can’t forgive that, but I also can’t deny that I wouldn’t be who I am today, had I not gone through all those things as a child.

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    1. Forgiveness maybe, but love, I would have to disagree. Especially in the case of young children and their parents. They are naturally going to love them because they are crucial for survival. But once the child grows older, it can become more of choice.


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