“Don’t you see?”
He sighed.
“You are dangerous
because I’m
in love with you.”

© Sarah Doughty

A snippet from Just Breathe,
the first Earthen Witch Novel.

28 thoughts on “Dangerousness”

  1. This is hugely inspirational! It suits a wonderfully tragic love story in my latest WIP. I may have to borrow the sentiment. Keep up the beautiful language!

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    1. Thank you so much! Feel free to borrow the sentiment, but make sure the words you choose reflect the true nature of your character. It’s never a good thing to break from the flow for the sake of adding something that doesn’t fit.


    1. Thank you, David. And no, it’s not the same person. This particular one is a character from my first novel, Connor. Hes not the typical alpha male that most books will boast with a romantic undercurrent in it. The one that talked of worth was based on my father, and inspired the main antagonist in the same book, often saying similar things to his step-daughter, the heroine of the story. Thank you for making that connection and commenting on it.

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