“You’re not
worth it,”
he bellowed
into my ear
and it has
inside my head
ever since.

© Sarah Doughty


86 thoughts on “Worthy”

  1. When the other knows he is not worth and he know he is a failure to make his ego shine he goes on saying that to someone close who will listen to him. That is all about him, the other never us. This is one deep understanding learnt on the path as I have been hearing that from the early childhood till recently just 4 weeks ago too. But since last year I have learnt a trick… Listen from one ear and let go from the other. We ourselves know our worth and no one has the right to say anything what they feel.

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  2. Lots of comments on this post, you really made an impact. It is amazing how words can sink into your psyche and make an irreparable crack that stays with us forever. It’s sad, that most people say things out of anger and don’t really mean them, but the damage is done. And at our core, we cling to these untrue words and tiny unseen fissures cover us.
    And there’s something troubling about how we will remember the negative things from our lives far longer than we will remember the equally good experiences. And we will remember far more bad than good things, and it will taint our perception of our lives.

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    1. This is very true. Although in my case the good moments were so few and far between, I always found myself questioning their validity and honesty, especially after he’d said things like that to me on a continual basis.

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      1. This, is truly awful, because you’d been, living as what someone else wants you to be, but now, you’d realized this, hopefully, you’ll be able, to break free from this vicious cycle you’re currently in right now…

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    1. It was interesting I didn’t encounter too many vindictive teachers until college. Most of the teachers I dealt with growing up were the kind that would subtly make fun of their intellectually disadvantaged students, and of course, I was one of the few that caught those jokes. I’m sorry that happened to you.

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      1. I built a cunning plan into my own teaching: never do unto others what was done to me. I worked one on one where possible, built relationships, opened doors, and did the opposite of what was done to me. Empowerment is a great word. Also the in class announcement: “There is no such thing as a stupid question …”

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      2. We dismiss the value and important role of mothers when we send them back to work asap after childbirth. I am so glad our daughter was present with her mother for as long as she was. She grew up with different values and a very different understanding.

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