45 thoughts on “Read”

  1. this set my mind racing – the many scenarios this generated in my mind, Sarah, you don’t want to know. picture this: woman/man catches his/her lover reading a text from a lover and asks “you’re reading a text from another man/woman while you’re with me?” and the lover responds, “but I thought you didn’t mind as long as i’m just reading – and not responding.” then you consider the end of the piece “as long as you are …” the open and ambiguous nature of these words leaves room for the addition of any conclusion by the speaker. it could, for instance, be, “as long as you are not practicing what you’re reading,” or “as long as you are not doing so when i need you.” there is a certain threat in those closing words too – “as long as …” love this piece.

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    1. Yes, I did sense that multiple interpretations would come from this piece, but I didn’t anticipate this one. Not that it’s a bad thing (though you’re perceived scenario is a rough one to swallow if it happens). In this case, I was just very proud of my son and how quickly he’s learning. His nose may not be in a book, but he is reading stories and having dialog within video games like Legend of Zelda. 😊

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      1. It gets original as soon as you start writing what you feel, it doesn’t matter if the topic has been talked about before.
        For all love stories are about love.
        For all horror stories involve scares and so on. 🙂

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  2. Well that’s nice. In case you’re wondering, some people are reading poems about someone else not caring about what they read, as long as they do. Who knew?

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    1. That, I didn’t know. The idea came to me after my son (he’s in kindergarten) came up with his most recent report card. He’s reading at a 2nd grade level, and his boost in skills has come from playing video games like Legend of Zelda and reading what people are saying and following the story. So, even though he might not be reading books with such enthusiasm, he’s still reading and he’s learning as he does. 😊

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