I feel you
slipping between
my fingers,
and I wonder,
did I ever
have a hold
on you at all?

© Sarah Doughty


45 thoughts on “Grasp”

  1. When we hold on to someone, its not obligatory we keep on. As much as the other who keeps the glue together, we dont do, the other must at least asks to. There is the point we can hold on coz it is a two way street.

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      1. the only thing that keeps me holding on with my current reality is my daughter from her, and yes i am living with that person everyday. That is the sad fact of my life.

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      2. Dont be, as i keep saying to myself and why i am so poetic in my own way, this is the only avenue that i walk on so at least everything is released, and a guide along my path a very good guide to keep me not to he suicidal.

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      1. You’re totally welcome. 😀

        By the way, I’m bad. 😆 I was at work today, thinking about the chapter I posted last night and certain details bothered me. So, when I came home, I fixed it. That involved killing off a couple of lines I liked and changing the ending, but it had to be done. 😉 😀

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