Some people
don’t need
to be brave.
But we do.
And we bear it
with our heads
held high.

© Sarah Doughty


30 thoughts on “Unashamed”

  1. Being is the real state of happiness. If I am not brave, I accept the fact I am not and thus give myself an insight which helps in understanding my fear. If I fake it out the fear will remain. Did this for major part of life but it slowly killed the inner child, thus no more faking it out. No more worried what others think, I am just who I am, accepting self and looking for the reason why I am afraid. This way I go to the deep root and then come out to be brave in real sense.
    (note this is my view not to insult anyone or say a thing against anyone)

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  2. I was pondering bravery the other day. In particular, how it is easy to be brave when it is met with positive results, it is much more difficult to be brave when confronted with setbacks. Bravery is at the heart of every writer’s journey.

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