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Eloquence In A Question #1

This will be the first of, hopefully, a series of insightful question/discussion posts.

Here’s how it works: Have a look at the question, read my answer, and then do one or both of the following: tell me your response to the same question, respond to my answer with thoughts of your own.


How does it feel when your muse runs his fingers through your hair, resting his palms bare on your crown?


My muse is androgynous, taking on the form of whatever is necessary to fulfill the task. But when it comes out, it’s a rather strange feeling. It’s like my thoughts cease and words begin to form in response to some form of stimulation (one or more of the five senses, sometimes including synaesthesia). When I’m writing my fiction, I transcend myself and become whoever it is I’m narrating. It’s freeing and relaxing, and it is definitely something that I cannot live without.

How about you?

Stay tuned for the next question.

87 thoughts on “Eloquence In A Question #1”

  1. Its like being possessed by and angel who may not have fallen, but definitely has some explaining to do. There is a shot of adrenaline in my heart, pupils dilate and my hand is compulsed to write until it passes. I have to try hard to write legibly, as the words come faster than my hand can safely write. When its done I don’t always have a complete piece or a finished product. My un-possessed self must always finish up and polish the lunatical ravings scribbled in my little black notebook.

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    1. Oh, I definitely understand this feeling. Usually when my muse goes this fast, I have to resort to using the computer, because I’m much faster on the keyboard than I am in handwriting. But then again, there’s a certain connection with handwriting that you don’t get with typing out words. So it’s a give and take.

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  2. My muse lives in playful shadow Hide and Seek the name of the game but then she turns and glares and suggests I keep up! Sometimes it’s impossible for the plethora of ideas 10 20 30 on a given subject or word and I find I am overwhelmed unable to decide which idea or thought to pick, which is right for the moment. Then she scampers away laughing because either I caught what she was suggesting, or didn’t and she’s full of amusement. I love this idea, wonderful way to communicate with other writers and bloggers. Awesome Sarah.

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    1. Thank you, I was pleasantly surprised with some of the questions that came up. I thought it was worth sharing. And I like the playfulness of your muse. Though, I can understand how it could be frustrating.


      1. hehe, well, I guess she sees things with a sense of humour first, then has to get serious…but having said that, it’s true, I can be hit with 100’s of ideas and sometimes boggles the mind and I’m not sure I hit the target as so many ideas were flitting through my mind.

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      2. Do you find anything helpful, in particular? Dark room, ice on the base of your neck? (that one works more often than not for me) those eye pads that black out the light are good. I try everything before I take something for the headache. A neck massage from hubby?

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      3. Since I have a head cold, I tried some decongestants first, next is a neck massage, then ice, and then, as a last resort, dark. Unfortunately they’re always different, so I can’t always do the same thing to get rid of them.


  3. My muse is like Bugs Bunny when he digs a hole at super-high speed. With John Prine singing in the background. He digs in the morning when I want to write. He digs in the afternoon when I want to play or build or fix. He digs at night before sleep, composing noisy sentences and shouting dialogue, editing on he fly. Best of all – he gives a white-gloved middle finger to “doubting-fearful lizard brain” (resembles Steve Buscemi/sounds like Kelsey Grammer) who skulks around the perimeter of the excavation site.

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  4. I love this prompt and appreciate the recent “like”! My muse showers me with words, ideas, sensory inspiration and half-baked stanzas that I gather in various journals and “notes to self”. When I sit down to write an actual piece, she eludes me to the point of tears and then whispers, “the place where your tears are coming from is what you need to write.”

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  5. The question is sooooo poetic! And I love your answer! My muse is crazy like last night I got off the bed to pee (er haha) and it started composing a poem and the piece was done after i finished. And when I was back in bed to write it, I can only remember the last two lines. Like… come on!! 😀 😀 😀

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  6. My muse leads me gently to the darkest places where I fear to tread; to places of light and tranquility. When I laugh, she laughs with me. When I fall, she picks me up and puts me back on the road. When words fail me, she puts a pen in my hand and whispers in my ear.
    Great question Sarah 🙂

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  7. My poetry muse usually appears in one of several ways 1) a sense of urgency/tension until I can sit down and write. This is usually when I am writing in reaction to a situation or a feeling. My muse will not let me rest. 2) When I feel like I have nothing to say, putting on certain kinds of music can practically put me a hypnotic state where deeper unconscious things come out. 3) Several of my best pieces were written in my head on my walk to the train. I would have thought which would lead to more thinking and by the time my train comes and I can open google docs I sometimes have full stanzas written.

    My fiction muse is more fickle but I have had characters take over and say me, “nope, that’s not what happened!”


  8. Am I the only one that zones out when I write? I don’t stop to decipher anything until I stop writing. It’s rare that I have a fully fledged string before I take pen to paper.

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    1. I’ll hear the first of the words and then I left myself zone out. And I don’t really edit as I go, unless I make an actual typo. So, I don’t think that’s strange at all. 😊


  9. My muse whisks me away to places that bring me peace and concentration. He reminds me I have a private realm. In there, I should let the words dance from the keyboard. They should drip from my hands like water raining down my skin. He whispers in my ear, telling me I am a queen. All my creations are manipulated to my desires.

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  10. Very cool. Sometimes my muse is my wife, or my faith, or nature such as oceans or mountains. If it is the same muse (which is certainly possible) then it feels like going on a journey, the type of journey that fills my heart.

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  11. My story hands several muses. All elves from different generations. They don’t exist anywhere but inside my imagination. This world is far too angry to find a real muse. It’s hateful and mean. I do better inside my head. 😔

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  12. My muse is like an electric shock. Especially when it comes to putting plot point #1 and plot point #2 together to explain an unresolved story detail or plot point #45.

    My muse tends to talk the loudest when I’m at work or at church. 😆

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  13. like you, when i write i become the characters in the work – this gives me a thorough mental workout by the time i am done. that’s why i like it that my muse is nocturnal. i don’t know the sex of my muse, but i am convinced he/she/it is either a librarian or an encyclopedia or an intellectually promiscuous philosopher. usually, it/he/she throws me a song, climbs into my head and goes berserk.

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  14. My muse is a tap (faucet) from which creativity constantly flows. My body is the receptacle positioned beneath the flowing stream. I write to prevent the creativity from bubbling over in a flood of complete and utter crazy. If the stream dries up, I feel empty in a way that can only be filled by lots and lots of video games, until the stream flows again. It’s a tenuous writing/crazy/gaming equilibrium! 😀

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