70 thoughts on “Perhaps”

      1. Hmm, maybe it is our pain that defines us more than the good. Or it’s what we define as good that allows us to use our pain in some constructive way. Neither of the characters we just mentioned had much of an outlet.

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  1. Very telling… Which does raise the question… Are the experiences what make it all worthwhile.. It always makes me think you.. Do you throw your self into different experience for the sake of growth.. Or can you grow without tragedy.. Can you grow without the highs and lows of life… I don’t know.. But it always makes me wonder..

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    1. Yes, exactly! It’s mixed bag of emotions for me. There’s not a day that goes by that I wonder what could have been different if those things didn’t happen to me. But they did. I may struggle now, but I have my books, I have my husband and son. Would they have been possible without it? These are questions that hit me sometimes.

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    1. Thank you so much. I’ve heard countless stories of people growing up to repeat the kinds of abuses that were inflicted on them. I’m not sure why, either, unless somewhere along the way they started to lose their grasp on morality.


  2. !?!?!?!?!?!#*#&*#*%&*!!!??? … 🙂 This is either the silliest, or the most damning truth I’ve ever read! Are you tired of reading “amazing” in your comments? Well, sorry but here’s one more: amazing!

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    1. Violation was part of it. I endured just about every kind of abuse imaginable on a daily basis. To say that I grew up without losing my morality, where so many others have done in the past, must be a victory in itself.

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      1. It definitely is. I write about so much sad and deep experiences because I can empathize with people that have been in such situations. You on the other hand have actually been there and have overcome. Your content is such a blessing Sarah

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    1. There is, but also isn’t. If you consider the kind of abuse I endured, it could have been so easy for me to become like him, but I didn’t. Now, I’m not going to send my thanks to him either. But it does make you wonder a little.

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