You thought
the stillness
on the surface
meant those waters
were safe,
but you didn’t
count on the riptide,
churning beneath.

Β© Sarah Doughty


28 thoughts on “Riptide”

  1. Awesome one, really understood this. It’s like a duck, on the surface it’s floating but underneath the surface it’s feet are paddling away with fury. It’s easy to think things are going good until you dive under the surface and get “real.”


  2. Hello Sarah,

    i do miss you!

    kisses within a soft lov…




    Given within
    those breathless, silent waves,
    turning life

    changing time
    a gift to those
    whom won’t be slaved..

    Toxic dream
    rippling minds
    fast moving stream
    lost life
    left far behind…

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