46 thoughts on “Presumptuous”

    1. Why would I sue you? My ideas, especially with micropoetry aren’t always original, and frankly there’s not much left that could be original. I think maybe I present them in interesting ways, which is why people can connect with them. I just know that if I could actually spit the words out physically to someone, that would be what I’d say.


    1. I space things out. I could write in a frenzy one day and not feel anything for a few days afterwards. So I only share one a day, which stretches them out, until I find inspiration again. 😊


  1. Hehe. There are always know-it-all or busybody type of people. Sometimes when on a good mood, we can still keep up with them and try to look at things they say on a positive light but when things are on a slump, they can be pretty irritating. What can we do, these are the people whose line will always be like, ” I’m just concerned about you…” but most of the time, silently you wished they had not cared at all.

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    1. In a way, you’re right. I’ve had my share of people tell me that I should simply “get over it.” But honestly, how does one do that when the entirety of your childhood development was marred by someone who lacked any moral compass? You cannot simply say, “I’m good,” and all is right with the world again. You basically have to relearn everything you’ve ever known. Of course, not everyone has the same experiences, but we are all faced with people who think they have the easiest answers. Sometimes, I take them with grace, and express my gratitude for their support, but deep down, sometimes it irks me.

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