The Ghosts You Carry

I see the storms —
the ghosts you try
to hide behind
your eyes, and
it breaks my heart.

Β© Sarah Doughty


48 thoughts on “The Ghosts You Carry”

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by unleashing a holocaust should those ghosts be let free. The ghosts are a metaphor for all the things that have happened in a person’s past that’s good, but mostly bad, that haunt them. But as anyways, people are welcome to interpret my poems as they see fit. I’m just curious how you see it. 😊


      1. It’s just actually a superlative form of interpreting the kind of storm or destruction some people can create if they let the demons of their past set free. To some people they might just see it as a passing wind but for the person who was really affected by these strong emotions, it’s like the total destruction of everything he/she holds dear.

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  1. Wow. You hit the nail on the head here. I think so many people are like this. Or we may feel this way at different times. I know for example right now I know a woman who is dying, and I feel both her pre-Ghost and her ancestors, as well as my own tight preparation and yet it’s so not about me at all – hence the use of ghosts almost to speak for us. I love that idea it seems so right. You are always deeper than most writers which I personally relish.

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    1. Oh my. I’m so sorry to hear you are faced with such a tragic reality. I know in many ways that we are faced with things we wished we didn’t, and in our vulnerable moments, they come to the surface. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for the kind words. My thoughts are with you.

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  2. The mask it was which I thought to be the real face, hearing the words but forgetting to listen the beats, lost in the mascara painted eyes didn’t see the real eyes and thus I cried as she left.

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