21 thoughts on “Fading”

  1. WordPress somehow didn’t push this one through. *sighs*

    Focal points, words said and unsaid, reasons why, and the passing of time: in life, nothing is ever finite, especially when there are things that just won’t let it be.

    Peace, Sarah. A beautiful description with a melancholy feel.

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  2. Ooo. I love the layers in that last line. It could be referring to the other person losing his memory to Alzheimers or the MC is starting to forget certain memories of a lost love or letting go of those memories.

    Just so thought-provoking. Great job! 😀

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  3. The grief here really shone through along with the truth. For me personally the promises people make and do not keep are what chaff at me the most, because I truly believe in keeping promises and it seems people are fairly okay with promising lots of things and not keeping any of them. I almost distrust a promise because of that. And nobody should make you distrust a promise. I really felt this one Sarah my talented friend xo

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      1. Right. That’s the worst because people deserve to be given chances and if we’re too broken already then it’s like they get a taste of our baggage before they even prove (or disprove) themselves. That said, recently a friend kept saying ‘trust me’ and I did and then she broke her word so I guess who is more the fool? The one who trusts when their gut says don’t or the one who insists someone trust only to let them down? I don’t understand that. To me it seems pretty easy to keep your word. Maybe I’m missing the point 🙂

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