A Place

I always wondered
if there was a place
for me in this world,
but in your arms,
I know where I belong.

Β© Sarah Doughty


48 thoughts on “A Place”

      1. Oh, I’m sure there’s plenty of people that would disagree with you. Some believe that if you don’t write something profound like Bukowski, then you’re not talented. But I’m not sure how credible that is. I mean, sure, you can write prose until the cows come home, but if you don’t give something for people to think about, you’re not doing your job. Sorry to rant. I always appreciate your thoughts. 😊


      2. Well Sarah, you certainly give people something to think about… your “postage stamp” truisms are amazing. I don’t compare talent but I try to recognize it when it hits me in the face. Yours does, and I do.

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  1. “but in your arms,/i know where i belong.” i just love the trickiness of this line. the fact that he/she is in his/her arms doesn’t really mean she knows she/he is supposed to be there. just that he/she knows now in what esteem the holder holds her. nice one.

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