25 thoughts on “Exclusivity”

    1. You’re more than welcome to share as long as you keep my name attached to the words. I like readers to stop and think a little deeper from time to time. Most of my pieces let readers empathize or recall certain events they’ve experienced. These little gems are a little more like brain teasers and it’s interesting how people respond to them. 🙂


    1. No, actually, I think it is a very rational aspect of having a vivid imagination. Usually creative people have pasts that have drawn us toward expressing ourselves in new ways. Unfortunately, this is often correlated with hurt or pain in some manner. Those of us that are creative and aren’t afraid to embrace that side of ourselves are brave, because we can create and imagine these new worlds, whether they’re fiction or just another life we wish we could live. It gives us things to look forward to. And it’s damn good therapy. 🙂

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      1. Ah now that’s a point if view I’ve not heard.
        It makes sense. I’ve never had a creative support structure always been ostracised because of my nature. The way I express and entertain myself would then be rational. huh, even more thought provoking than I first thought.
        I agree with the therapy side to this, in fact this whole explanation is more descriptive of how I live. I just don’t often analyse that part of me. ignoring it in favour of the unicorns I suppose

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      2. Haha, I understand. I’m often judged (whether people realize they’re doing it or not) for being introverted, an observer, rather than someone that will talk your ear off. But, start talking about writing or books, and I’ll talk for days. It helps me, as it helps many others, so I try to ignore the eyes that think I’m lazy or anti-social. They don’t care enough to ask or understand what I’m dealing with. And that’s okay. Everyone has their issues. 😊

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      3. I find that alot being rather socially challenged. always sat off to the side listening and waiting for opportunities.
        I suppose I’ve accepted I’m going to be judged. The scruffy haired man smartly dressed wearing a fedora does tend to elicit stares. Doesn’t help when I open my mouth nonsense spills out 😄

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  1. Ok… that stopped me dead in my tracks… why do rationality and intelligence become mutually exclusive if one thinks for oneself? I’m flabberbaffled, help! In my world a truly intelligent and rational being will automatically move towards self-empowerment which means learning to lean on one’s own thoughts based on personal experiences and studies rather than by following the mob or the dictates of society which are generally detrimental to one’s own well-being and expression of freedom.

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    1. Following the masses and believing in whatever information is placed in front of them is the issue here. When someone takes the initiative to think and decide for themselves what they want to believe or how they will move forward with their lives, then they set themselves apart from the crowd, possessing both rationality and intelligence. I’m not saying that someone that follows blindly is without rationality or intelligence, it’s just that there always seems to be a disconnect there. People that think for themselves and move forward accordingly always seem to have both attributes. I hope that makes more sense.


      1. Obviously we totally agree. It was just the “mutually exclusive” approach to intelligence and rationality that threw me since “mutually exclusive” for example, and quote: “Mutually Exclusive: can’t happen at the same time. Examples: Turning left and turning right are Mutually Exclusive (you can’t do both at the same time) Tossing a coin: Heads and Tails are Mutually Exclusive.” I thought you meant “mutually inclusive” but that wouldn’t be true since that means you could not have intelligence without rationality (which you can) or vice-versa. Fun with words…

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      2. Yes exactly. I didn’t mean to throw you off. I wanted to see if people would catch that play on words and understand the deeper meaning behind it. 😊 One other person noticed to the extent to ask me about it, so I’m wondering how many people assumed the play on words and came to the conclusion on their own, or if they didn’t grasp the true meaning of that phrase. 🤔

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