Perfection is
a façade
of false truths.
Embrace your
and be the epic
soul you are.

© Sarah Doughty


49 thoughts on “Concepts

  1. Excellent advice! I tell people this all the time. It’s okay not to be perfect. In fact, I like people more when they show me their frailties or “flaws”. Way back when in school I avoided those perfect little people, lol…

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    • I’m glad that you agree. It seems as though you’ve had first-hand experience with this. It’s always nice to hear other people’s perspectives, but at the same time, it makes me feel a little more confident knowing that there are others that see beyond the exterior. 🙂

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  2. So true. I am guilty of sometimes saying ‘that’s perfect’ but you’re right, it’s a facade and so it should be. For example when you love a person you don’t love their perfection it is often the imperfection that really you find so endearing isn’t it?

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