55 thoughts on “Conscientious

  1. Well written and the beginning of a story. Thus began on one of my books and I finished a good novel. You start with a picture in your mind and heart. Read my latest release, Chef’s Surprise to see how a young girl rises to success, step by step. Thanks for stopping at my blog once again.

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  2. Gosh Sarah. An important question and one that has occupied me for several years. Many of my autobiographical stories on my blog deal with childhood trauma and I firmly believe that much of our outlook on life and the way we react to situations we encounter in life are determined by our childhood experiences. I love the way you can encapsulate an important issue or intense feeling using just a few words. Excellent work. πŸ™‚

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  3. Ah, the old question of nature vs. nurture. I like that you didn’t provide an answer for this, leaving it open-ended for us to ponder and ruminate on. I’m constantly in awe of how you keep up such an excellent standard of poetry (and come up with such insightful topics) whilst posting every day. Kudos!

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    1. Aww thank you! I think this subject in particular is an interesting one. Some people are born without a capacity for understanding and feeling the difference, whereas others learn it. 😊😊😊


  4. Kohlberg theorized about moral development in children. He studied that in preadolescence children have conventional morality , they go by society, But in adolescence they question mores or morals that are orthodox and develop a true sense of morality or consciousness or code of conduct towards others. Early exposure to violence and total lack of empathy does cause social deviance in few individuals , though not all. Life may or may not kill our conscience. But meeting more and more people with no conscience as they hurt you , does make one very disillusioned.

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  5. Conscious or conscience…different meanings, but both work in context methinks….are you aware you are alive or are you born with a semblance of morality…or is that nutured in via upbringing and experience? Food for thought and fictional exploration….

    “I am what I am,” he said to the inquisitor. “Indoctrinated by my parents beliefs in your dogma. You should, perhaps, ask yourselves who planted the seeds that grew into this…”

    Long night…no sleep….forgive the preamble….thought provoking as always Sarah!

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    1. Right. I think that was where I threw myself. Both work, but my intended meaning was knowing the difference between right and wrong. In a way, I suppose those people that don’t have a conscience also don’t really have much of a grasp on their consciousness as well. Thank you for the insights! 😊 And get some rest if you can.

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      1. My personal opinion is that the consciousness awakens as the neurological circuits in the brain start connecting and cognitive capacity begins to wake up. At that point morality is likely to be partially open to suggestion in order to learn, as it is with everything else. Levels of conscious seem to awaken all the way into early teens where puberty seems to set it in place. (Based on observations of my own children). I think this is partly down to complexity in the brain and also a fail safe to ensure total indoctrination in the early years can be challenged later and reasoned to form ones own opinion rather than continue with a pre-existing one. Obviously this requires a modicum of IQ in order to step out of the box rather than just go with the flow. Obviously just my opinion 😜

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      1. Sure thing. Again, that was a beautiful thought. Keep writing.

        Since I am here I’ll drop something that you may find interesting relating to this. Each one of us is simply an aggregate of what he has seen, heard, what has been done to him(Nurture) and how he has grown to evaluate decisions(Nature+Nurture). I think they call it Determinism. That is why I hold an unpopular opinion and sympathy for the likes of Hitler. They just represent a rare permutation in the spectrum of life.

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      2. I think in many ways Hitler was an evil genius. But something had to make him that way. He knew how to catch people’s attention, bring them hope, and then he started the changes in ideology as his popularity grew. Some believed he would still help them, some were too scared to oppose him.

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      3. I totally agree. His orator skills were very outspoken. His premise was appealing to the Germans, many of whom felt that the Jewish people were taking over their country. I guess that’s why most people looked the other way when Hitler’s intentions were starting to become more apparent. Actually, initially he just gave the Jews an eviction order which saw many of them bouncing between sea coasts seeking refuge from unsympathetic regions. Many of them had to go back to Germany to face an ever-increasing shade of loathe and persecution. Because we crave oversimplification we never really appreciate how so many people helped bring out the Hitler from a shy Austrian boy. I have heard that, growing up, Hitler had reciprocated love for a Jewish girl and that might have fueled what became of him. Conscience is something to guard jealously. People will help you cross your conscience and persecute you for it when things go south.

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