The Mind

I’m sure any
would agree:
losing your
rational or
creative mind
is a fate
worse than death.

© Sarah Doughty


37 thoughts on “The Mind”

  1. Agreed….. It is because of that type of mind I guess many of us still are going on. … Even hurt and pain offered by the ones we loved have not broken us fully and even the beautiful life turned Bitch could not make us fall down.

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      1. Courage. To make the sacrifices or choices or find a way. William Blake comes to mind. There’s an old saying among artists along the art…or food question. The reply is “Show me the Monet.” Brilliant, but hungry.

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  2. An excellent poem Sarah and one made more poignant by adding your narrative around Alan Turing and your motivation to write this piece. I think there is a drive, through advertising and social media, to make us mindless and fall into and follow the wealth and celebrity culture. Poems like this remind us to stay mindful, create, and challenge the status quo.

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  3. Now that poem opens up some interesting issues. Beginning as it does with the self asserted certainty of a social agreement it suggests a speculation as the consequences of the loss of two sides of mental faculty and then it suggests that that loss would be worse than the unknowable state of physical non existence. Which reminds me that the mind is more important than the body at the same time it is only the body that permits a mind to operate. I feel an undertone of bitterness because you used the word intellectual. I guess this poem speaks of experience but the the thing is it doesn’t take an intellectual to agree, it is unimaginable to me that a human would not value their mind , even the unthinking suffer (and their families) when the light is obscured and their words no longer connect with productive communicative society. I wonder if this poem is directed at someone? In any event it is brave. Very brave, almost as brave as the person who wrote it.

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    1. Wow, I didn’t expect such kind words. First of all, it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular. It came as a result of watching The Imitation Game, where it explores the invention of the first computer. It was based on true events, and unfortunately the man that invented it, Alan Turing, a gay man, was forced by court to take hormone therapy to chemically castrate him. One year into his two year sentence, he couldn’t take it any longer. His brilliant mind was taken from him and he lost all desire to continue on. The kinds of people that value their minds on that kind of level would be equally as devastated as Turing.

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