Moon Dust

Moon dust lingered
on your lips and
when they met mine,
that grainy sweetness
sent jolts through me.

Β© Sarah Doughty


49 thoughts on “Moon Dust”

    1. Aww thanks! I wish though. The moon dust is actually super sharp. The astronauts that went there had so many problems with it eating through their suits. And to answer your question, I just get an idea and I try to capture the core of the moment or emotion and let it go from there. 😊

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      1. I meant for it to sound sweet, as if it’s like sugar. But I suppose those people that know what moon dust is really like would see this piece in a whole new light. Those little snippets of time are critical. If something catches your fancy, run with it. 😊

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      2. I am working on doing that instead of trying to isolate large chunks of time for writing. I had no idea until you told me about moon dust. But now that I know, I dig the candy reference. I keep picturing the moon like a peppermint hard candy. MMMMM

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  1. Fantastic image of the moondust on his lips….wow! One thing….I’d reconsider the last line. For me, “sent jolts through me” is jarring. It doesn’t fit with the lightly magical images in the rest. Love “grainy sweetness” though.

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    1. The jolts are like the exhilaration of the first kiss. Sometimes also, when consuming something incredibly sweet, people may experience a strong sensation in the jaw. Either interpretation was what I was aiming for. 😊 Thank you for the suggestion.


      1. Perhaps, but that’s not really my style. I’ll consider your thoughts, but I tend to be jarring, or non poetic, on purpose, giving people a chance to decipher for themselves what is felt.


  2. I said I’d pop by in the New Year and wish you well and good fortune in these potentially turbulent times…..and what do I find? Dark romantic prose…it is good to see such imagery drifts from your words. Nicely done Sarah 😊

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