Summer Smoke

I never understood
how you could stand
in the glaring
summer sun and thick,
humid air, and still
drag from your

© Sarah Doughty


30 thoughts on “Summer Smoke”

  1. I really like this poem – very thoughtful, but also well-constructed. The start and fiinish frame that startling image in the middle: “glaring summer sun and thick, humid air”. Nice little sandwich! And thank you for reading my story.

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  2. It’s simple, ma’am
    It’s not something I’ve practiced
    But I’m glad you’ve noticed
    It’s nothing to it really, though
    It calms my stress
    But don’t tell that to the girl
    in the red dress
    who thinks I look cool.

    Haha! I couldn’t resist! Good one, Sarah!

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  3. As an ex-smoker I cannot understand how you could cool yourself down even more while smoking in winter. And the glamour of smoking to me is only valid in old Hollywood films, nowadays there is nothing glamourous about it. Although the tobacco lobby might wanna prove me wrong.

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