Your sacrifices
my worth.
And it broke
my fragile
little heart.

© Sarah Doughty


37 thoughts on “Sacrifices”

    1. I understand. Luckily this hasn’t actually happened to me, but it is a fear that it will. I try my best to trust that those promises will continue to be honored and that love will continue to be true. 💕


      1. Hugs and kisses the forehead..
        See I took your tensions and tiredness away, didn’t I. 😊
        Oh my sick Kitten… How is she now. I can say in the kind hands of you, she is blessed with love and smiles.

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      2. Now that is what shows how much love, compassion, mercy your heart is made of…. You are a beautiful lovely blessed Soul, Sarah and I am grateful to you for having got to connect to you.
        Around your vibes the Kitten got strong.

        Liked by 1 person

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