The melody of your song
was so beautiful,
I never noticed
your illogical lyrics.

Β© Sarah Doughty


44 thoughts on “Illogical”

  1. nice dig. interestingly the songs with the most illogical lyrics have the most catchy beat – i don’t want to stir the b-hive by naming such musicians, but i’ve always wondered “who let the dogs out” when they are too “sexy for my shirt,” singing “can i touch you … there” after telling me they are “sorry 2004” arguing they “didnt start the fire” even though they have “something in common”. makes you wonder doesn’t it, how someone watching “form a distance” can tell you “i wanna sex you up” to “jenny from the block” just because she told his friend “you remind me of something” while they were sipping “pimp juice” and drunkenly kareokeing “i’d do anything for love (but i won’t do that)” wearing “sunglasses at night. “what do you say when a guy starts singing “give me everything” but you can tell he isn’t normal because he is in a strait jacket and asking “why can’t this be love” drinking “wonton soup” with “birthday cake” on the side. sometimes even though some lyrics don’t make sense, you just have to “get jiggy with it” after all it’s better than thinking up “50 ways to say goodbye” to your lover who keeps asking you “what’s my name” just because they “love the way you lie”. i can go at this all day, but i think i’ll just take a “photograph” because we are in “macarthur park” and i can’t get you to “dance ass”. gosh, “i’m crazy in love” …

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  2. *scratches head at “logic is a slippery slope” up there and chuckles*, but truly enjoyed this one. How true, how true… emotions and logic are not good bedfellows.

    Have to note, that every single poem I have read this week makes me think of the electoral college votes coming up… and what led up to that difficult choice…

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