I miss the feel of your hands
upon my face and how
we used to share the same air.

Β© Sarah Doughty


41 thoughts on “Oxygen”

  1. The breeze used to touch us
    Make us come closer
    And we wrapped each other
    But now no more breeze touches me
    As no hands to wrap me up
    Miss you but happy
    You are wrapping someone else
    So that he feels warmth embrace

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      1. Aww thank you…. Healing is possible once we forgive self and the other.. It took time but once done I am free as a bird to fly again.
        Love is a gift we offer, it is no way possession.
        My love I now fully know was a beautiful gift, she received it and left it but my love stays as pure as it was. Love is divine and thus to see her happy gives me more happiness Now.
        Yes you are correct when you say almost forgiveness…. Maybe some part of my being still misses her so… I don’t know

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