Little one, what calms the thundering
in your mind into a lullaby?
What stills your heart and
makes time stand still?
Find it, your passion.
Embrace it. Let it be your guide,
and everything will be alright.

Β© Sarah Doughty


77 thoughts on “Passion”

      1. Darling, it’s all good. i don’t need to be liked! I’ll keep you posted as the sage goes on, the idea is to explore the emptiness of eternity, and also religious ecstasy. Basically there is a vampire living in a retirement village and his decent into emptiness is being mirrored by another resident, she is constantly on the verge of ascending to heaven, she is chained to her bed and lights appear above her, sometimes (after one of his atrocities to another resident) the light bursts out and the entire building becomes flooded with blinding gold light, the nurses refer to this as the “days of phoebe” and do thier best while half blinded. She is constantly being dragged heaven wards but the chains keep her bound to the earth, I got the idea from watching moby dick and the struggle of the magnificent animal (and also the “ecstasy of st theresa” a statue which is either a religious epihpany or an “orgasm’ depending on who you read. The point being that the counter balancing forces of good and evil that ixton discovers produce absurd real world effects that everyone just tries to deal with and run a small business. God I’ve said too much. Thank you. i think your magnificent. I read your profile , i know things aren’t easy. Same here.

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  1. In my mind I’d like the power to recall, at will, everyone of your posts, and I’ve read everyone by the way. It would be the only real way to do justice to your words: instant recall. Risking being repetitive and trite: this is beautiful.

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