It took all of my courage
to move mountains
and separate us.
But you still lingered there,
waiting for me to weaken,
and let you turn
my world against me.

© Sarah Doughty

For the #NovemberNotes challenge.
Hosted by myself and Rosema of A Reading Writer.
Today’s song is Turning Tables by Adele.


76 thoughts on “Turning”

      1. Nothing to be sorry dear
        No one besides self knows
        It hurts deep within
        Tears making path lost
        As once forever they will stop
        Path will then we found
        Where to go is not important
        How to go is to be known

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    1. Hi Sophia, you will find that a lot of Word Pressers are nice, kind, helpful people with a great sense of humor to boot. If Sarah is too busy, I’m sure she’ll re-direct you to someone who can help. There’s always “me” – I’ve been here a bit over two years now, so I probably know about 1% of what I should, but it’s enough to get my posts up and leave trails of comments everywhere, kind of like a slug in the garden…

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      1. Haha, yes, one percent is probably close for me as well. But we manage. Really, if you want to grow and have people read what you have to say, you just need to write and be active. Read other blogs, comment, etc. I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

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  1. Great poem! This is a bit random, but when I first joined Instagram you were one of the first people I followed, and now I’m on WordPress your blog came up and I’m glad it did! I will look forward to reading more of your great work!
    Kind Regards,
    Sophia 🙂

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      1. Thank you and your most welcome , I’m still finding my way around WordPress, (and IG) but have to say it’s been great, so glad I joined 🤗 feel free to give me any pointers if you so wish , as I’m not sure the etiquette if there is one 💕
        Kindest Regards,

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  2. Wow, an excellent poem to complete the challenge Sarah. I would just like to say a big thank you for your time, effort and energy in putting (along with Rosema) November Notes together and the support you gave during the challenge. It was an enjoyable experience and great to meet other poets and writers. Thank you again 🙂

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    1. There are definitely a few of my characters that I channel in these posts. This one doesn’t have much of a connection with my characters, but I’ve seen people try to escape from toxic relationships only to go back in their moments of weakness.

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