Bad News

I knew you were bad news,
darling — I just never
bothered to care.

© Sarah Doughty

For the #NovemberNotes challenge.
Hosted by myself and Rosema of A Reading Writer.
Today’s song is Buses and Trains by Bachelor Girl.


56 thoughts on “Bad News”

    1. Change people….. I could never manage it to do, so I stopped trying long time ago. My attitude is you either like them as they are with their faults and all, or you just don´t and tell them to take a hike.

      Nice poem….like all!
      I specially liked the ending

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      1. I guess it can happen, but is rare. I can only imagine telling my father for example, “Hey let´s go fishing and also could you be more sensitive with my emotions?” He might even slap me silly. Point being here, that he loves me in his own way not the way I would have wanted it or how a lot of fathers love their parents playing sports and being very involved in their life´s. Is just not him, but he did provide me with money, study, and certainly some good sounded life advice, wich by the way I didn´t follow through. And when the shit hits the fan, when it is real serious the situation like me being in ICU almost dying, he will be there moving around strings to get the best medics there are. But don´t tell him later, “I love you and now I feel and feel….” Nope, he loves me his own way and supports me.
        Now if you talk about friendships I think that the most important thing in a friend is exactly that, support. Support for each person is different ofcourse, I have not been raised to be touchy feeling, so support for me means….actually another lesson from the old man a.k.a dad, “at the end of the day you are alone” basically saying that you better learn quite early in life that life is tough, that it is a constant struggle and nobody is going to safe your ass, better learn to save it yourself.
        Support: emotional, economical, physical (ya know 😉 ).

        Again if it is a constant emotional support you end up dragging the people around you down and I find quite a selfish thing for that person that is always crying about life and that they need support and the rest.

        Wow, this is turning to a dissertation paper, I´m getting bored of my own irrational rationality.

        Tell me people that that have changed, done a 180 of their personality and changed. Because the personality of a person it is developed in the teens and for a person to change drastically in my case mid 30 ´s is just not happening. I can course correct certain things, but I actually like myself as I am as a whole. And certainly far far away from perfect.

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      2. Well, I’m not necessarily talking about a 180 change. But for example, if you are in a relationship and some things that the other person do doesn’t really fit in your way of doing the things. At some point people have to change. If it’s for you or if it’s for the them, they change some things. Crying about life…hmmm…don’t forget that not all people are so strong. Or they have a mental health problem or they lived some traumas and it’s not so easy to get over it. I don’t believe that is selfish to say how you feel about life.

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