Where words are my solace,
music is the moonlight
that illuminates it.

© Sarah Doughty

For the #NovemberNotes challenge.
Hosted by myself and Rosema of A Reading Writer.
Today’s song is You Are A Memory by Message To Bears.


57 thoughts on “Music”

  1. Hello again Sarah! Do you mean music inspires the poetry, and therefore your solace, or that music inspires and somehow illuminates and improves your poetry, or both? Because I write songs, starting with instruments, and then I write lyrics inspired by the mood of the instrumentals. Curious. But I write other words too. I don’t know, something to think about, of course you don’t have to share if you don’t want to…


    (My apologies everybody for the link, I can’t post my blurbs on this site because I’m separately hosted…). Michael

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  2. Hi I’m new to the blogging life and was wondering if you could read my work and follow me I’d appreciate it as i am interested in literature and spoken word and lack a bit of confidence Thank you for your time and have a nice dayyy

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  3. music and moonlight – add moonshine and you have an intoxicating solace. in saluting the brilliance of this piece, i defer to richard wagner who said, “music speaks out of the very thing which word speech in itself cannot speak out… that which, looked at from the standpoint of … human intellect, is unspeakable.”

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