Of all your promises,
I thought leaving was never
one you’d break.
I thought if I refused
to acknowledge it,
it wouldn’t be true,
but I was wrong.

© Sarah Doughty

 For the #NovemberNotes challenge.
Hosted by myself and Rosema of A Reading Writer.
Today’s song is Recreational by Aaron Krause.

44 thoughts on “Grasping”

  1. Your going away doesn’t hurt as much as your breaking the trust does.
    I opened my heart for you to be inside, never knew you will slam it open and leave.
    The heart which feels broken is not hurt as it is in pieces, it hurts because your piece of each lie I accepted as truth.

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      1. There is so much “heavy” in the blogs I follow Sarah that whenever possible, knowing the author is flexible like yourself, I like to throw in the humor. It actually expands your piece, giving it two contradictory meanings. I see someone else saw it my way too… You are so good at using world, it’s often quite amazing. Congratulations. (and I’m now trying to keep up to Angela and her Sphinx Bugs in and out of the spirit realm and her romance with her werewolf Salvatore…!)

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