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“In a pool of infinite darkness
called life, don’t fear that light
glowing beneath surface.”

I am more than micro-tales of love or unbearable heartache. I am more than just pretty pictures with shallow words on crinkled paper. I’m not afraid to delve deeper into the human condition and come out the other side feeling that I made some level of connection with the harsh realities of this world. I’m not deterred by unseen, unfeeling, and listless eyes, searching elsewhere for little bits of romanticized half-truths or incomplete thoughts. I’m not burdened with the need to be someone I’m not, but instead choose to show my vulnerabilities and wear my heavy burdens for the world just so others can see they aren’t alone. I am not intimidated by those that choose the easy path, and instead embrace those that devour the depths of my daydreams and the harshness of my nightmares with the desire to continue on those paths with me. I am a weaver of tales, a collector of thoughts, a bearer of truths — a conjurer of magic, and this is the shimmering light in the unforgiving, darkened oblivion known as life.

© Sarah Doughty

 For the #NovemberNotes challenge.
Hosted by myself and Rosema of A Reading Writer.
Today’s song is Floodgates by Colbie Caillat.

66 thoughts on “Authenticity

      1. Well I guess the value of art is open to debate but I certainly agree that inner beauty – which ultimately is what counts – is not always apprehended or appreciated… not only in Western but probably in all cultures. :-/

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  1. Reblogged this on Book of Legacy and commented:
    Amazing song, though I don’t really know what the difference between a song and a poem is (unless there is a melody included). The prose flow perfectly and could see this kind of writing being used in a fictional text.

    Poetry has no set form, after all, and I cannot help but be smitten by this piece.

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      1. It is. People such as you make a difference though. I’m hoping we all can one article, poem “rant” at a time, the change has to start somewhere. As someone revered for my looks, which I didn’t want to someone who gained a few pounds and was cast out as “wanting ” I’ve been on both sides of the fence and found neither preferable. I had no body image issues until I was shown how lacking I was in every department. Thank god my kids take after me and see the inner beauty first and foremost.

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  2. this sounds like a response to those whose idea of creativity is finding flaws in people’s creativity. for that reason, i love “I am a weaver of tales, a collector of thoughts, a bearer of truths — a conjurer of magic, and this is the shimmering light in the unforgiving, darkened oblivion known as life.”

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    1. Yeah, it was a little bit of a rant. Sometimes people put down others for the sake of making themselves feel better. Though no one has done this to me directly, I’ve seen (especially on Instagram) how pretty pictures and beautiful faces catch the most eyes. Often combined with rather horrid lines. And I don’t think that’s fair. But that’s life. I sacrifice doing what’s popular for the sake of letting my words stand on their own.

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      1. I agree. There’s so much untapped potential with these popular people. I mean, I’ve built myself up and many would consider me popular, but I’m not huge. I’m humble too. A lot of those big people often come with big egos and little talent. It’s sad.

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      2. It is…

        I see it like cooks and chefs… Someone can learn to cook, and make a living out of it, well playing their cards. While true chefs only care about tastes, textures and making food that will be a true experience for people…

        People know you write straight from the heart… And with true talent! I hope you’ll get the rewards from it eventually… You deserve the pay back, and the world needs more Sarah Doughty work 🙂

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      3. Aw thank you. That’s a good analogy. There are some chefs that only cater to a certain palette. Like a McDonald’s menu. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s shallow. I strive for those five star menus that are like an explosion of tastes, that remind people of certain events in their pasts, or what they could look forward to. It’s something they either indulge in all the time, or take in small doses. It’s still surreal that people see my words that way. Or that people see me as somewhat of a celebrity. You’ve no idea how honored I am to know how my words touch other people. I just never dreamed it could be at this level, which grows every day. Thank you.

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      4. Well, I can only speak for myself (though I know many probably think alike), but to me, your words are a gourmet menu that never calls for a “trou normand”. 😉

        I wish you great success in the future… And I can’t wait to be able to say “I knew her before she was famous” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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