Door Built For You

Photo credit @__y_818__.

My fears kept me silent, my vulnerability too intense to reveal, and I wanted to tell you how much I needed you. Loved you. Wanted you. Now I’m here, in the aftermath of you, and all you were. I will forever regret not having enough bravery to show you that my walls were cracked and open, inviting you in with a door built only for you. But now it’s all too late.

Β© Sarah Doughty

 For the #NovemberNotes challenge.
Hosted by myself and Rosema of A Reading Writer.
Today’s song is Brave Enough by Lindsey Stirling and Christina Perri.


70 thoughts on “Door Built For You

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  1. a nice reminder to all creatives – write that song, poem or draw that picture to the one you have feelings for while they are still around rather than writing them after – for the benefits of those who know their worth but can’t create. nice

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  2. I liked this work as is, but I wanted to add that your line “Now I’m here, in the aftermath of you, and all you were” taken out of the intended romantic context could be the start of a whole other relationship piece. As usual, your writing is evocative including and past the intent.

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