Photo credit @jovanarikalo. Model credit @lolypopp3.

The sound of my name on your lips
is a melody so intoxicating and beautiful,
it takes my breath away.
I’m way out my league,
but I can’t bring myself to care.
Because it’s the way her smile
lights up the night and how
the moonlight dances through her hair.

© Sarah Doughty

 For the #NovemberNotes challenge.
Hosted by myself and Rosema of A Reading Writer.
Today’s song is Out of My League by Stephen Speaks.


32 thoughts on “Leagues”

  1. love this. strange and forbidden fruits … whenever a lover had called me by my name i knew something serious was about to go down. for men and women who are prim, those not pleasantly mischievous and ‘full of life,’ calling them by their names is ok, but you can’t call elves by their names – you take away their essence.

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    1. Yes, I’ve heard of the legend. It’s weird hearing, or even seeing my name written as if speaking to me. It has an odd intimacy to it. Oddly, my husband has always referred to me in pet names and he rarely uses my name. It is strange when he does. It seems… almost wrong.

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  2. I “like” this, but are you up to a small critique? Read it through, slowly and carefully, do you see the unexplained change form “you” to “her”? Perhaps change “your lips” to “her lips” bringing it all into the third person? And one more, daring here… I’d take out the last line, seems redundant. My opinion, strictly. (Yeah!!! Aisling overcame the demon… and now she’s up to something else… hmmm! I cried over the loss of the little guys and the tough Vampire girl.)

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