Photography, Poetry

I Am From

Original illustration via @bluhihi. Edit by me.

I am from late night moonlit bedrooms, filled with fear, pain, and guilt. I am from constant reminders of my worthlessness, inadequacies, and ugliness. I am from resilience, defiance, and the belief that good will always win. Despite everything, ink still flows through my veins and with every beat, my heart echoes, “survivor.”

Β© Sarah Doughty

Β For the #IAmFrom prompt, hosted by Cornell University Press.

58 thoughts on “I Am From”

  1. I am sure many others who have read this, can relate… probably more than they know. I read this and all I could think was; how strong you must be not only to have gone through what you have, but to also be able to write about it. I am definitely the type of girl who keeps things inside, who does not share her pain with others. You are sharing your pain in a very beautiful way… I cannot help but be proud.

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      1. Okay, that’s super weird. I know I followed your blog, but I thought you weren’t sharing much. Apparently WordPress in its infinite wisdom unfollowed you without my knowledge. Grr!


      2. I know, I’m having glitches galore, from not finding people thinking they haven’t posted to closing posts in progress to “disappearing” posts I’m working on. I had to restart this response 3 times. Hopefully it will get to you! who knows?! lol

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