The One

If you’re
not the one, then
why does my spirit
fit with yours
like we were molded
as two parts
of a whole?

© Sarah Doughty

For the #MondayMorningMelts prompts, hosted by the lovely
Rosema of A Reading Writer and Jade of Jade M. Wong.
Today’s song prompt is If You’re Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield.


52 thoughts on “The One”

  1. A mystery behind a mystery
    This Soul knows the other
    The other still in body
    Doesn’t realize its part
    I feel you are mine.
    You don’t have feelings even
    I see we complete
    You enjoy been one
    I am further on journey
    You lacking behind

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      1. The wants were same
        I was the want
        She was my want
        I was what I wanted
        She still was confused
        Confusion lead
        To separation
        This Soul knows it is her part
        The journey now Alone to cover
        Starting to love self.
        Becoming whole
        Making self priority
        Trusting Source.
        Full of gratitude
        For whatever happens
        Becoming one
        No more worried of the other half
        When vibes with align
        A Soul will appear

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      2. Sad is my thought
        As was happiness
        If she was reason of happiness
        How can she is reason of sadness
        It is my expectations failed
        As her expectations I didn’t meet
        Now why then I be sad

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      3. love is love
        it knows to give
        it gave
        she refused
        love stays
        it still flowers
        ready to blossom
        in another garden
        watering it
        so that it
        spreads fragrance
        a bee will attract
        is what nature knows
        flower still flowers
        love as it is

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