They Don’t Scare Me

Photo credit @__y_818__

The monsters beneath my bed
were different than yours.
They, too, feared the one
hiding in plain sight.
They accepted me as one
of them and I made
the darkness my home.

© Sarah Doughty


61 thoughts on “They Don’t Scare Me”

    1. Thank you. It’s definitely deep, and I tend to leave them open enough to let readers fill in the blanks and ask their own questions. It reminds me Stephen King’s On Writing, and the exercise he introduced with the white bunny and the red 8 written on its side. Readers didn’t need to know where the rabbit was sitting or in what setting, because the interesting part was the red 8. 😊

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  1. We have hidden fear, even in broad day light. Allow me to share this sentiment with your readers. This poem was published in my second book: Cloudscape And Landscape: Poetic Echoes by Dr. Lim Keng Huat


    In a dreamy night,
    stranger in mirror appears under moon light.
    selfie and body baffle real or fancy,
    at speed of light, each seizes the other in frenzy.
    The other and devil sit side by side,
    organize truth, men divide and deride.
    Heads and hearts nurture apart,
    end of time, till death the duo thwart.
    The battle splits and spins the head,
    return to bed, Zhuangzi’s butterfly dead.
    Fear to look at the mirror again,
    nothing remains same, nothing gain.
    The crazy cares about real and imaginary,
    modern media is full of tricks and sophistry.

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  2. Darkness is my home now
    Alone for long I am
    No more fear anymore
    All accepted as reality now
    No more hoping to see you again
    Nor the heart is getting lost
    I need to grow and move
    Is the best thing now
    Your mask has fallen off
    Next time keep it tight
    Love was a blessing to offer
    You cheated even love.

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      1. I normally don’t read astrology but a day before my Birthday I do read about my zodiac sign… Scorpio I am…. It was written there reptilian nature and the other thing… Thus I asked

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      2. Healing is just like another process to change some process formed… Yes it takes time or no time…. We all are humans and we all have different capability… First love healing takes long I guess…. Because it is first time experience

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  3. “…and I made the darkness my home.” It’s always seemed strange and amusing to me that Earthians make such a deal of “light” and fear “darkness” when light in these worlds is an artificial process whereby “darkness” is the general state of being. Perhaps because we incarnated into flesh bodies that need heat (thus “light”) to survive. There are two states of being: imprisonment in slavery of beliefs that speak of themselves as light and freedom in the infinite “darkness” of the cosmos. I choose darkness because it is the one that will never fail me. All those “forces” that create light eventually burn off and return to the dark from whence they came, and so will we all. Why not get used to the idea once again; get ready for the adventure? Yes, let’s all make the darkness our home since it must be the final place 🙂

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