Don’t Fear

Don’t fear the dark corners,
the moonless night,
or the sparkling stars.
Even if you can’t see the magic,
it’s still there.

And it’s all around us. Within us.
I feel it flowing in my veins.
In the universe around me.
I believe in it. I am infused with it. I am magic.

Β© Sarah Doughty


57 thoughts on “Don’t Fear”

  1. My veins which were strong enough
    Confident I was to face all
    As she came into my life
    I was stronger then who I was

    She touched my skin and my veins
    And one day she left me alone
    Strength became my weakness now
    Losing her makes veins weak too

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  2. She promised to be my moon
    Shining to show me the path
    No more even her voice I hear
    Silence is what causes fear

    No light on a path so dark
    Clouds forming all so dark
    Demons inside me now coming out
    And I find myself all alone on the path

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  3. The magic creating magic
    Is what really causes fear
    The love was also magical
    Somehow took all away

    I see within me who I am
    I find within who I have become
    I gave my full heart to the one
    Who smashed it into pieces two

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