His Voice’s Caress

Shivers traveled down my spine
and my toes curled from the caress
of his voice. It didn’t matter
if he was a devil, I still wanted him.

© Sarah Doughty


34 thoughts on “His Voice’s Caress”

      1. Do women really want that sort of “protection” by alpha males? “Protecting” them from other male predators, that is? Isn’t that a kind of pimping? She’s mine, belongs to my stable, hands off unless I allow it…

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      2. In a sense, I think some women are drawn to the bad guy vibe. In some ways, relinquishing control and letting someone protect them can be a gratifying relief of stress. Of course, with this, it comes with a gambit of issues. Women need to feel confident in their own skins, rather than succumbing to this draw. It’s a flaw, yes, but I believe it does exist for some women. For me, I know I am calmer with my husband around, and he’s not a ‘bad guy’, but he is somewhat dominant. It helpse to stay calm in stressful situations.

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