His Voice’s Caress

Shivers traveled down my spine
and my toes curled from the caress
of his voice. It didn’t matter
if he was a devil, I still wanted him.

© Sarah Doughty

34 thoughts on “His Voice’s Caress”

  1. Sometimes we accept the people even after knowing that they aren’t prefect for us. It’s not called loosing everything but understanding the real meaning of love.
    Such sweet words Sarah 🙂

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      1. Do women really want that sort of “protection” by alpha males? “Protecting” them from other male predators, that is? Isn’t that a kind of pimping? She’s mine, belongs to my stable, hands off unless I allow it…

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      2. In a sense, I think some women are drawn to the bad guy vibe. In some ways, relinquishing control and letting someone protect them can be a gratifying relief of stress. Of course, with this, it comes with a gambit of issues. Women need to feel confident in their own skins, rather than succumbing to this draw. It’s a flaw, yes, but I believe it does exist for some women. For me, I know I am calmer with my husband around, and he’s not a ‘bad guy’, but he is somewhat dominant. It helpse to stay calm in stressful situations.

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